My Happy Book - Doodles

This weekend has been a lovely weekend when the weather is concerned. The Sun is shining and it actually feels like summer is coming! YAY! I love the Summer. So I decided to sit outside and bask in all its wonderful glory. Yes that's right I sunned myself! And although I'm a little pink right now it's ok as I've made a start to my little Happy Book.

I feel like I haven't really been that happy for a while. Late last year my nan died and I took it really bad, it's been a bit of a struggle to be honest and I'm still not quite right now, but I know it takes time and that my Happy book will help me.

I work as a Senior designer as my day to day job for a company called DesignGroup PLC. I love working there. It makes me happy. Last year DesignGroup initiated an idea to create a Jigsaw puzzle piece in order to help a charity called 'SMILE'. The Charity helps children who suffer from Cleft Lip or Cleft Palate. Please check them out here

So we each designed a puzzle piece and then at the end we put them all together to create one giant jigsaw puzzle. It was amazing. For ever Jigsaw piece that was created DesignGroup donated some money to the charity. 

So that was the inspiration behind my Happy Book. I thought I'd share the front page of the book with you so you can get a little insight into who the person is behind The Blue Martin Studio.

Remember no one is perfect but we all deserve to be happy and we should see and appreciate what it is we have, right here and now. Forget about everyone else and take time for yourself.

Enjoy the sunshine!