Nautical SS15

For my first collection, I wanted to look at Kids Interiors. I was aiming my designs to be suitable for a Childs bedroom or play room. So I started off by looking at what trends were going to be current for Spring Summer 2015. Nautical crept up quite a bit so I decided that this was the theme to start with.

I have a slight fascination with Nautical themed products anyway, so I thought that this was a good starting point.

First thing is first the mood board needed to be made, so I came up with this...


For mood boards, I like to take inspiration from other Illustrators as I can see what is currently being done, I decided to come up with a slightly different colour scheme for my theme to set my designs apart. So instead of having the traditional colour of red, I've used orange instead, I have also incorporated greys into this trend too, I feel it makes the theme a little more grown up and trendy.