Wedding Invitations - Save the Dates

I've been fortunate enough to work on some gorgeous wedding invitations for a lovely couple. This project was ongoing for quite a while as the design process took a little longer than expected. I then had to hand make each and every single invite.  

The couple wanted 'Save the Dates', the actual Wedding Invite, Evening Reception Invites, a Table Plan and Order of Services. So it was quite a big job. 

I started off by creating the Save the Dates, here's what I sent over to the happy couple...


The couple wanted some amends so I changed it a little to this and they seemed to prefer this one...


So I made a mock up and sent it over to them. They loved it! Yay! Happy times. And this is what the final Save the Date looked like when it was sent out...


I'll be posting up more on the Weddings Invitations soon, so stay tuned!