Playing about with new tech...


So the last 2 days I've been sorting out/tidying up my studio. It was in much need of attention!! It's still not quite finished but it will do for now, well until I can be bothered starting it again. Ha!

So today I've opened up one of my christmas presents, which is an Intuos Pro tablet. My bamboo tablet is about 6 years old and when I started my new job I was introduced to the Intuos Pro. I really wanted one of my own so today I've cracked it open and got playing with it. I don't feel that I'm very good at doing characters but as I had some time today I wanted to try a Santa, hopefully the more I practise the better I will get. It's as they say, practise makes perfect (I hope in this case it does!).

So here is my creation...


I know Santa has already been this year, but he wanted to come back and say Hi!

What do you think?