Nautical Fabrics are now ready to buy!!

YAY! This is exciting! My Nautical fabric designs are now ready to buy. If you are interested then please click here and you will be taken to my Spoonflower store. I'm also selling them as a wrapping paper option so if you fancy any of them as a roll of wrapping paper then head on over and get some.

I've designed this collection to suit most materials but would recommend the Linen-Cotton Canvas fabric option as it is a little more hard wearing and looks really good printed, I know its a little more costly, but it's well worth it! Trust me! (You can always order an 8 Inch swatch if you aren't sure about what fabric to use for your creative makes, and failing that you're more than welcome to contact me for any info, I will try to help the best I can!)

Happy Making guys! Oh and if you do buy any of my designs to make something incredible please email me some photos! I'd love to see what you creative geniuses will come up with! I'll try posting up some of your photos here on my website!

Stay Tuned...