Social Media


Hope everyone is well? I just wanted to say thank you for your support so far and a massive hello to my subscribers! Can't quite believe that I have some subscribers, but that's fab news, thanks!! I really appreciate it.

So this post is pretty much a post to make people aware that I have other social media accounts that you may want to follow.

If you are on Facebook then please like my page at

or if you are more of a twitter fan then I'm posting some interesting finds on there too, you can follow me at @blumartinstudio

I also have a Google+ page if you want to connect with me on there, then please click here

I have also been pretty busy on Pinterest recently. I absolutely love it, Don't you? I could sit there all day on it. Its great for procrastinating, aye? If you would like to see what im getting up to it then please follow me here.

Here's a sneak preview...

Pinterest Page